Thursday, July 22, 2010

When I´m not reading...

When I´m not reading is a weekly meme hosted by Missie @ The Unread Reader.

Right now, I´m like crazy busy with all my exams and I have to study a lot for them, but there´s no need not to mix business with pleasure, right?
One reason why I love the apartment I share with two friends of mine so much is, that it includes a roof terrace. That´s what it looks like in the evening:

It´s beautiful, right? The sunsets are very spectacular! :) I oftern sit there and read or study, but we also have friends over and have a barbeque. We also spend a considerable amout of money to buy flowers or even grow some of our own. I grew up in a rural area and I was used to spacious gardens and enough green aroud the houses, so it was quite a change for me when I moved to a city when I started going to university. I´m so glad we have that little greenish spot for ourselves now.

So this week, I was grabbing my stuff and I was just about to get comfortable with a glass of soda and a few snacks for ma daily studying session, when I hear a steady alarming and unnerving buzzing sound. It didn´t take me long to find the cause for it. Check this out:

There´s a vasps´ nest in the space where the shutters usually are! o.O

We instantly called the property management and they told us to stay away from the terrace until they´ve sent someone to remove it.
That was like 4 days ago, nobody has come yet and there are even more vasps than before. No one dares to go out anymore, because they are really aggressive.
At first I felt bad when we were told the nest had to be removed, but now I´m kind of glad when someone comes to remove it!

Until then, no sunsets and barbeques for me!


Leann said...

I followed your link from the Unread reader and I am now following. I understand about exams that will be in about a month. Good luck on yours!

Kim said...

What a beautiful place to sit and read...I'm jealous:-)

Missie said...

Oh Wow! That terrace is so beautiful! What a view! I love all the greenery and the flowers!

I hope you get to enjoy it again, soon!

Thanks again for sharing!


Shera (Book Whispers) said...

That is a beautiful terrace, if appartments around here looked like that I'd move into one!!

Christine said...

I really love it! I could NEVER afford if if we wouldn´t share the appartment, but as I said, the terrace is definitely worth it!