Monday, January 31, 2011

Back online!!!

So, finally I would say, I´m back online. I can tell you, it was quite intense for me. I really felt like some kind of addict.

The first few days were really intense. I constantly felt like I missed something ( and I did! Ilnoa Andrews hosted a signed cover falt contest and I´m just sure I would have won this time!). It felt really strange not being able to go online whenever I wanted (when I was at home.  seriously thought of getting myself a smartphone, but I re-considered.

The phone company is probably preparing a law suit because of me harrassing them (I think it is okay to call multiple times a day. It´s not my fault that I have to be at university and cant be there when they supposedly are free).

Raziel_thumbIn the second week, I stopped by an internet café to check my mails.I also tried to post something, but I had a very… well awkward experience there. I wanted to do a In My Mailbox post and therefore looked for a picture of the Raziel cover.

Jup, that one. Behind me sat a bunch of teenage boys who thought it incredibly funny to spy on me. Imagine their delight when they caught me looking for that cover.

I kind of decided against further posting in an internet café from this day on.

There is one thing however that really amazed my during my forced break from blogging: I actually learned something from it:

First: the world does not end when you don´t have internet connection.

Second: You would be amazed at how much time you actually find for reading. I never realized just how much of my free time I waste (?) by browsing the internet. I´m not talking things that actually make sense, like visit blogs. I´m talking about following random links and stuff.

Third: After my first week of anxiety, I was actually a little bit more relaxed. Huh. Who knew.

So even though I hated being out of the loop, it was not as horrible as I would have toufght. I´m really glad however that I´m back now

And the good thing about my break: I have tons of reviews I can post now! Because my Live Wirter still worked offline!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Want Internet NOW!!!


A new year, but the same old complications… Usually I had planned to stay the complete last week with my parents, but I had to go to my new apartment unplanned. And no, I still don´t have internet there. On Monday, my courses at university continue after the break over Christmas and I´ll be back in Munich -  without internet again.

But there´s good news as well: I´m supposed to be back online on January 14th. 6 more days!!!! I feel like an addict!!! I can´t read/answer mails, stalk my favorite blogs/authors or blog myself. On the other hand I´m gonna have even more time to read! So prepare yourself for tons of reviews. (Fortunately I also have tons of books to read!)

This whole offline experience has really got me thinking: what would I do without? How did I live without internet before?

No, seriously, let me tell you what I need internet for everyday:

During the last few weeks, ia had to check every day before I left my apartment whether the public transportation system is still up and running and if my connection is on time. While I´m at it, I also check the weather online for my city to decide what to wear for the day.

And because I have a few moments to spare, I check my two email addresses. And Facebook. And my blog.

When I´m at university, I´m usually cut off from the internet as well, but I know I´ll be online as soon as I´m home.

When I come home, I have to search for the song that´s stuck in my head since hearing it on the radio an listen to it on youtube. Then,

I check my email again, as well as my blog and facebook. And then goodreads. I see a new book somewhere, read reviews on it, search it on amazon, check my bank balance, decide I´m still good and buy it. Plus one or two more from my wishlist, because you know, one book alone is too afraid, or, as a German saying goes "you can´t stand on one foot” or three because that´s even better or four because I don´t like odd numbers and so on.

Then I write a review/blogpost. And check it for typing errors. And again. Then I stalk some more blogs and authors.

Sometimes a friend calls about a movie/to go out: I go online, try to find out if there are any good movies, reserve the tickes/use google maps to see the location of the new hotspot to see which kind of transportation I should use. We rethink and decide to grab dinner instead. I google to see which is the best italien restaurant in the neighborhood, search (online) for the number and reserve a table. My friend tells me that we need a present for another friend. I´ll brows amazon for something fitting. Then I head over to etsy on my quest for the right present.

Then I remember that the contract for my mobile phone is running out. If I keep it, I´ll get a new phone. Oh, shiny! Have to go online and see which phone is the best right now (and which is the best smartphone with email client).

Friend calls again, cancels for today because of illness/super hot date/anything else. No problem, I can keep myself busy. I call a friend via skype who happens to be online (while I´m secretly horrified how strange I look via webcam).

Roommate/sister comes in, complains about running nose/ sore throat/headache/whatever. Or drugstore is already closed, so we have to search for the emergency drugstore of course via google. While she´s at it, she pays her bills online and shops for new shoes. And jewelry. And checks out online clothing store. Then, she browses my bookshelf and takes three YA books without asking. I lecture her –again- about how to treat a book right, she rolls eyes.

After we´re finished I decide that we have to eat something. And put my laptop to sleep mode, because he (yes, it´s a boy) is quite hot, you know, overheated, not hot like that.

All fed, I go online to see if there´s anything on TV. Or Youtube. And I check my emails again. And Facebook. I´m having a hard time deciding between reading and watching something online (thank you ITunes and Ipod) and end up doing both at the same time.

Before I go to sleep, I check my blog/email/facebook/goodreads. And go one more time to amazon/book depository to track my recent order.

Okay, I guess besides being a book addict, I also have a serious internet addiction problem. Is it just me or are you more and more dependent on the internet? Maybe I can visit a friend who has internet. Or buy one of those fancy surf sticks for the next few days.

Or maybe I´m just doomed. I´ll let you know at the latest on January 14th.

Until then, I´ll miss you. And the internet.

Sad smile

Monday, January 3, 2011

Early Review: Phantom Universe

Phantom Universe

Title: Phantom Universe (Summer Chronicles #1)

Author: Laura Kreitzer

Genre: Young Adult

Expected Publication: February 15th 2011 by Obsidian Mountain Publishing

Blurb: Sold into slavery to pirates at the young age of four, Summer learns to survive the rough seas of subterfuge and thieves through silence. When the boat she’s lived on most of her life is destroyed, Summer finds herself washed up on the shore of a new world, a phantom universe full of the bizarre and extraordinary. She meets Gage, the one boy who understands the girl with no speech. But when their lives are put on the line, will Summer finally call out? Or will all be lost in the fathomless depth of silence?

Thank you Obsidian Mountain Publishing for providing a review copy!


Since I´ve read the first book of Laura Kreitzer´s Timeless series and really enjoyed it, I immerdiatly took the opportunity when I was offered a very early copy of her new series The Summer Chronicles.

Phantom Universe tells the story of Summer, a slave girl who only survived by not speaking and trying to be invisible. When she finds herself in a whole new world after escaping the ships she works on, she also finds herself at the very center of attention – not only of gorgeous Gage, one of the few persons who seem to understand and care for her. A very powerful and dangerous group has taken a strange interest in her. When a dark secret of her past is revealed and her life is in even more danger than before, Summer has to decide: speak up or die.

Phantom Universe is a YA book, but there is a lot of heavy stuff in it. As a slave, Summer has to gone through a lot of both physical and mental torture (including an attempted rape) and unsurprisingly, life has left scars on her. Some visible, but the worst of them invisible. Laura Kreitzer has done an amazing job at creating such a fragile, insecure, tormented but also consistent character. Even though you can see how Summer gets better throughout the book, she only takes tiny steps. There are ups and downs and you can´t help but feel for her, suffer with her and get the urge to protect her. 

Gage and Landon are the only ones that bring some kind of security, balance and safety to her life. Both care for her a great deal: Landon more in a brotherly way while you know immediately that Gage wants to be more than just a friend to her.Yet, he never forces her to do anything she doesn´t want and is incredibly sweet. (A little hint: the rose in the cover is not random.) Both guys would do anything to protect her and try to heal her without being too pushy or overpowering.

The rest of the characters in the book (especially Cameron) might be side characters, but that doesn´t mean they were given less thought by the author. Each one of them has been given a very distinct voice that hints how much work was put into this book.

Phantom Universe is set in a world that is ours, yet is completly different. I don´t want to give away too much about it, since part of it is integral to the plot, but just like Summer, the reader only gets tidbits of information about it. That is one thing that was a bit of a drawback for me, as I would have loved to learn more about both society history and technology, but as this is only the first book in the series, I´m sure that there is more to discover in the next books.

Both the prologue and the flashbacks to Summer´s childhood are great additions to the story. The former hints at a very mysterious and captivating part of the plot. The flashbacks provide a deeper insight to Summer´s character and help you understand how she became what she is. The last chapters of the book also introduce a new storyline that guarantees to keep you waiting impatiently for the next installment in the series.

Laura Kreitzer has a way of writing a story that somehow gets under your skin. I mentioned it above somewhere, this book is really intense, but nontheless moving and outstanding.

My Verdict:

4.5 stars for Laura Kreitzer´s YA debut and extra 5 stars for Summer´s character.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Series Review: The Succubus Diaries by Jill Myles

Gentlemen prefer Succubi Succubi-Like-It-Hot_size-500FINAL-COVER My-Fair-Succubi_NOT_FINAL2

Titles: Gentlemen Prefer Succubi, Succubo Like It Hot, My Fair Sucubi

Author: Jill Myles

Genre: Paranormal Romance

You´re wondering what I´ve been up to in the last three days? Well, here´s your answer! Once I started reading Gentlemen Prefer Succubi, I simply counldn´t stop myself. I HAD to read the entire series so far. Lucky me that I treated myself to all of the books for Christmas (hehe).

Now I not only have a new favorite series but also a new crush: Zane. *swoon*. I can´t believe it took me so long to finally read this series, as it has everything I want in a good book: great, enjoyable characters, an entertaining plot and well, just look at the covers. *grins*

Jackie is really kind of prude for being a succubus, but that makes her so unique (obviously not only in my eyes). I loved how she is still embarrased about some of the more… sticky aspects of her new existence. Jill Myles had a wonderfully genius idea when she created the character of a reluctant succubu who tries her hardest to stay decent. With two hot guys. (Poor thing.)

The very opposite of our dear Jackie is her best freind, Remy. Frivolous, shameless Remy, who just happens to be a porn star. Reading how the unusual freindship between the two sucks developed throughout the books was pure pleasure.

Noah and Zane, the two guys in book are a whole new league of hotness. I guess everyone should guess from the tiltles and the premise of the book, there are quite a few deliciously hot scenes in the books, involving either of the men. But besides all the steamy action, you also get the feeling that they both really care about Jackie, each one in his very own way. Noah, Jackie´s “rock” with his gentle, caring personality and Zane with being Zane. I don´t know what it was about him that made my heart break for him, but he had me after the first few pages! The end of book two made me incredibly sad and reading about Zane´s fate in My Fair Succubi made me cringe.

In each book, Jill Myles adds another great chracter to the band of Immortals: the evil vampire queen in book one, Luc the mysterious stalker in book two and of course Ethan in book three. I especially enjoyed Ethan and his scenes with Remy: the two of them make an awesome pair! Smile

Each book has great storyline that keeps you entertained on every single page.

Jackie and her friends have stolen my heart over the last three days and I can´t wait to read more about them, as well as other books by the fabulous author!

The entire series gets 5 stars!