Saturday, January 1, 2011

Series Review: The Succubus Diaries by Jill Myles

Gentlemen prefer Succubi Succubi-Like-It-Hot_size-500FINAL-COVER My-Fair-Succubi_NOT_FINAL2

Titles: Gentlemen Prefer Succubi, Succubo Like It Hot, My Fair Sucubi

Author: Jill Myles

Genre: Paranormal Romance

You´re wondering what I´ve been up to in the last three days? Well, here´s your answer! Once I started reading Gentlemen Prefer Succubi, I simply counldn´t stop myself. I HAD to read the entire series so far. Lucky me that I treated myself to all of the books for Christmas (hehe).

Now I not only have a new favorite series but also a new crush: Zane. *swoon*. I can´t believe it took me so long to finally read this series, as it has everything I want in a good book: great, enjoyable characters, an entertaining plot and well, just look at the covers. *grins*

Jackie is really kind of prude for being a succubus, but that makes her so unique (obviously not only in my eyes). I loved how she is still embarrased about some of the more… sticky aspects of her new existence. Jill Myles had a wonderfully genius idea when she created the character of a reluctant succubu who tries her hardest to stay decent. With two hot guys. (Poor thing.)

The very opposite of our dear Jackie is her best freind, Remy. Frivolous, shameless Remy, who just happens to be a porn star. Reading how the unusual freindship between the two sucks developed throughout the books was pure pleasure.

Noah and Zane, the two guys in book are a whole new league of hotness. I guess everyone should guess from the tiltles and the premise of the book, there are quite a few deliciously hot scenes in the books, involving either of the men. But besides all the steamy action, you also get the feeling that they both really care about Jackie, each one in his very own way. Noah, Jackie´s “rock” with his gentle, caring personality and Zane with being Zane. I don´t know what it was about him that made my heart break for him, but he had me after the first few pages! The end of book two made me incredibly sad and reading about Zane´s fate in My Fair Succubi made me cringe.

In each book, Jill Myles adds another great chracter to the band of Immortals: the evil vampire queen in book one, Luc the mysterious stalker in book two and of course Ethan in book three. I especially enjoyed Ethan and his scenes with Remy: the two of them make an awesome pair! Smile

Each book has great storyline that keeps you entertained on every single page.

Jackie and her friends have stolen my heart over the last three days and I can´t wait to read more about them, as well as other books by the fabulous author!

The entire series gets 5 stars!


Blodeuedd said...

Read some of the reviews, do not wanna spoil myself ;) Have read book one and it was just so cool. I do wanna read more and see what happens with her men

Larissa {Larissa's Bookish Life} said...

I skimmed your review since I have this series on my wishlist! glad to see you enjoyed it though =D