Thursday, July 8, 2010

Review "Pray for Dawn"

Title: Pray for Dawn (Dark Days, #4)
Author: Jocelynn Drake
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Published: June 22nd 2010 by Eos (first published 2010)

Pray for salvation . . .
Pray for daylight . . .
Murder has pulled Mira out of the shadows and back into the living world . . .

As the fire-wielding enforcer of the nightwalker coven wrestles with the mind-destroying ghosts of her dark past, the slaying of a senator's daughter in Savannah threatens to expose her kind to the brilliant light of day. The dawn of chaos has come. The naturi have broken free of their eternal prison to feed on the defenseless and unbelieving of an unprepared Earth.

Mira and Danaus—vampire and vampire slayer—must unite to prevent the annihilation of their separate races. But for Danaus the challenge is intensified, for he must also fight the bori who covets his soul. And Mira, the nightwalker he must protect—whose power is the Earth's last hope—is rapidly going insane.

*This is the fourth book in an ongoing series. This review might contain spoilers, if you haven´t read the previous books*

WOW. Finishing the book left me breathless. And nearly speachless. It starts a few months after the events at Machu Pichu and other than the previous book, it is told from Danaus´s POV. Even though it is rather unusual to change the POV during an ongoing series, I was really looking forward to reading the it. Jocelynn Drake managed this change of POV brilliantly. It´s so cool to see the characters you came to know through Mira´s POV now through Danaus´s eyes. Finally, we get to know a little bit more about the mysterious hunter. Using his POV, Jocelynn Drake allows as a peek behind his usual demeanor and lets us find out about his past and his real feelings for Mira and the nightwalkers. You can also see how his attitude towards the nighthunters gradually changes.

I think it was a wise choice to swich POVs, because some of the scenes in this book between Mira and Danaus become even more powerful and meaningful (the First Communion, for example).

The story overall is very fast, intruiging and mysterious until the last page. Like I said, it almost left me breathless. I have to warn you, the last 50-100 pages are really intense. At one point I was nearly shouting "Oh no you didn´t...!" but she did. Not only does Jocelynn Drake leave us with a huge, major cliffhanger (right now, I hate cliffhangers), but some of the events at the end I just hadn´t seen coming.

There is so much more to write about this book, so much I want to rave about, but I don´t want to give away too much. This book really deserves to be read unspoilered, so my review today is rather short.

For me, "Pray for Dawn" is my favourite in this series. Yet, at least. It´s suspensful, gripping and addictive. After having read it, I´m already impatient for the next book in the series. "Pray for Dawn" is a book that makes you love vampires again, even if you think they are over used and you´ve had enough of them. It´s Urban Fantasy at its best.

Thank god "Wait for Dusk" is realeased on July 27th. I think I can manage to wait 19 days.

Without hesitaion and doubt 5 of 5 points from me.

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