Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Mailbox - Special Edition

It´s finally here!!! *squee*

I really have to calm down before I can write something that makes sense again. It´s been quite a long time since I waited this impatiently for books!


For Chess Putnam, finding herself near-fatally poisoned by a con psychic and then stopping a murderous ghost is just another day on the job. As an agent of the Church of Real Truth, Chess must expose those looking to profit from the world’s unpleasant little poltergeist problem—humans filing false claims of hauntings—all while staving off any undead who really are looking for a kill. But Chess has been extra busy these days, coping with a new “celebrity” assignment while trying on her own time to help some desperate prostitutes.

Someone’s taking out the hookers of Downside in the most gruesome way, and Chess is sure the rumors that it’s the work of a ghost are way off base. But proving herself right means walking in the path of a maniac, not to mention standing between the two men in her life just as they—along with their ruthless employers—are moving closer to a catastrophic showdown. Someone is dealing in murder, sex, and the supernatural, and once again Chess finds herself right in the crossfire.


Merit, Chicago’s newest vampire, is learning how to play well with others. Other supernaturals, that is. Shapeshifters from across the country are convening in the Windy City, and as a gesture of peace, Master Vampire Ethan Sullivan has offered their leader a very special bodyguard: Merit. Merit is supposed to protect the Alpha, Gabriel Keene—and to spy for the vamps while she’s at it. Oh, and luckily Ethan’s offering some steamy, one-on-one combat training sessions to help her prepare for the mission.

Merit must accept the assignment, even though she knows that she’ll probably regret it. And she’s not wrong. Someone is gunning for Gabriel Keene, and Merit soon finds herself in the line of fire. She’ll need all the help she can get to track down the would-be assassin, but everywhere she turns, there are rising tensions between supernaturals—not least between her and a certain green-eyed, centuries old master vampire.

Now, I know how I send my weekend (hopefully): locked up somewhere with these two babies! :)



pattepoilue said...

I have Unholy Ghost and I can't wait to read it. Every one keeps saying it's great so I'm trying to resist the temptation and not buy Unholy Magic right now. lol
I love the covers of this series!

I still haven't read Friday Night Bites, I need to hurry up a little lol

Happy reading!!!!

Christine said...

You should definetly read it, it really is as great as everybody says! :)
The covers are really beautiful!
I´ve also tried to resist the temptation so often, but well... you know how it ends mostly ;)

pattepoilue said...

lol sadly I know ;) I keep saying I will stop and I keep on ordering new books *sigh* There's no help for us ;)

I will read it soon, I just need to finish the 7 books I started before I start a new one LOL

Christine said...

Lol! And there were so many great books released in June/July, that doesn´t help either!

I blame the authors who write all those books! :)

VampAngel said...

Hi Christine!

Thanks for stopping by my place.

Yeah, Larissa did my blog too, she is awesome! I love yours. It's very pretty!

I'm gonna stay awhile to read your reviews!

See you soon!

VampAngel's Dilemma: To Read or Not To Read It? That is The Question

Larissa said...

awwww Twice Bitten is sooooo good! hope you like it =)))