Monday, July 19, 2010

This Week on Reading on the Dark Side

So, a new weeks has started and it will again be full of books, authors, reviews and more. Later today, I will have P.Q. Glisson, author of Her Sanctuary over for a guest post! Check out her first book:

Shannon Mallory was a woman on the run….not from outside forces but from her own wounded heart. When she pulled up into the parking lot of The Last Resort CafĂ©, in the town of Sanctuary, little did she know she would find the one thing she never even knew she was searching for….true love.

Seth Proudfoot wasn’t looking for anything, except an end to his miserable existence. Accused of a crime he couldn’t remember committing, he was ostracized by a town that, ironically, bore the name of the one thing he could never find….Sanctuary.

When the two meet, neither can ignore the magnetic pull between them, but will Shannon allow her damaged spirit to trust a man…a man who may have murdered his own family?

Though Shannon is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, it is her spirit that breaks down the iron-clad shield around his heart. Their desire burns hotter than the Arizona desert, threatening to melt the very mountains that loom like silent Gods above their heads. But can their love survive a betrayal that could very well cost them both their lives?

I will write reviews for the last books I read/ the book I´m currently reading.

Have you noticed by the way that I´ve almost 100 followers? This is so amazing, I´d have never thought I´d reach that number so fast. This kind of calls for a Thank-You-Giveaway, don´t you think? Let´s see what I come up with!

Have a great start in the new week!


Savannah said...

Hello there! Blood Song looks like a good read!

Christine said...

I´m only on page 53, but so far, I like it. It has definetly a bite! :)

Larissa said...

Awesome week planned hon =)

Congrats on almost 100 followers, you so deserve it, you are a doing a great job!!!


Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Some great books. :) Hope you enjoyed them all, and looking forward to your reviews. :) Herr Sanctuary does sound like a good read. :) Have a great week!