Saturday, July 10, 2010

News and Music

Great news! It´s an open secret that I´m a huge Ilona Andrews/Kate Daniels fan, so when I heard this, I just Had to share it with you guys! The title for the next Kate Daniels book (Book 5) has been announced: it´ll be called


Magic Slays

Sounds very promising, don´t you think? I like the simple yet very catchy titles of their books. Hopefully, we get to see the cover soon as well! At least knowing the Title makes you think the next release is not that far away, right? I don´t know how you guys feel, but I could use my next Kate fix! :)

Also, I wanted to share a little music with you. This song is from a rather unknown German band callen Kellner. They played in my favorite bar and I really like their sound. Plus, they´re from the same town I live in! If you check out the video, you get a little feeling what it looks like where I live! :)


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