Saturday, June 12, 2010

Short Review: The Demon in Me

Title: "The Demon in Me"
Author: Michelle Rowen
Release: May 4th 2010
Genre: PNR

Well, the cover... Honestly, I´m not the biggest fan of the half-revealed, tattooed man-chest cover. In my opinion, that kind if cover is overused. But I kind of liked the background colors.

Eden was a very likeable character, even though she is not as all powerful and kick ass as so many others heroines. Throughout the story however, she kind of changes her mind relatively often whether Darrak was good or bad.
Darrak is everything you could wish for as a male lead character, sexy, mysterious with a good sense of humor. I especially enjoyed the scenes between him and Eden´s PI partner.
The bad guys in the book - a secret order of are believable and well written.
Combined with supporting characters such as the shapeshifting, home invading cat and a hot-headed cop, Michelle Rowen creates a very entertaining ensemble who definetly have chemestry.

I liked how Eden´s struggle with her possesion was described. It seems that the author has given this part of the story a lot of thought. It really felt like a learning process for Darrak and Eden, who are both testing their boundaries and find that they have to set certain rules. The story moved forward while still taking the time to properly introduce the main characters and their motivations. The almost comical interaction between Darrak and Eden´s PI partner was really refreshing and made me smile.
The romance was very well written and not too rushed, with both sweet and tender, very, very sexy moments and an interesting twist at the very end.
The end however felt, at leat to me, a little rushed. I don´t want to give away any spoilers, but the actions of one certain person, which changed rather fast and drastically.

"The Demon in Me" is one of several books including demons as leads/love interests
I´ve read in the last few months (such as The Morgan Kinsley Series, Mark of the Demon, Working for the Devil). Even though Michelle Rowen choses a few already known concepts (which is however inevitable if you write such a story), she still succedes to add her very own take on the whole "possesed by a demon" story. By adding a few of the usual suspects of the paramormal world (weres, witches and shapeshifters just to name few), she creates a believable and interesting world.

"The Demon in Me" is a charming and fun debut, that kept me very well entertained. Michelle rowen knows how to to keep her readers hooked and really looking forward to the next book. Another series I´ll definetly keep on reading!

3.5 of 5

Here is a first look an the cover of the next book in the LIVING IN EDEN series:

Release: October 5th 2010