Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Famous First Words

Here I was yesterday, sitting next to my TBR pile, staring at it in confusion.
Maybe you know the feeling: there are so many great books and you can hardly wait to read them. But which one should you choose?
I read the blurbs on the back and tought about what I´ve heard about them in the blogsphere. Yet, I still felt indecisive. Finally, I opened one randomly and there it was:

"No matter how carefully I patted the chopped apples into place, the top crust of my apple pie always looked like I´d tried to bury a dismembered body under it."

The very first sentence of a book and it had me already captivated with is absurdity and dark humor. Needless to say that I chose this boook as my next read.
But still, that little incident kept me thinking. So I went through a few of my already read books and checked their Famous First Words. I acutally found a few ones that either had me smiling, frowning, holding my breath or just simply wondering and thus compelled me to read the book.
Maybe there are more out there who can appreciate the very beginning just as much as the end? For all those, I´ve decided to share some Famous First Words that speak to me from time to time.

Oh, just in case you were wondering, the fabulous book featuring the quote above was Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews.


Helen Smith said...

Magic Bleeds sounds great - brilliant opening line.

Tynga said...

Thanks for spreading the word about the Paranormal Summer Fest =) And I'm glad you are enjoying it!

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Ooh, creepy...lol!

Here's mine: