Wednesday, June 30, 2010

America vs. Germany

No, I´m not talking about the football world cup, but about something else entirely.
Today, I spent two hours of my free time with my sister (yes, the surgeon) out shopping. Just like always, I stopped by my favourite local book store and tried talking her into buying a new book.
Since she´s not so comfortable with reading in English, we were looking for the German versions. Luckily, they had the first book in the Kate Daniels series. Here in Germany, it looks like this (in comparision to the original US cover):

The literal translation of the German title would be something like "City of Darkness: The Night of Magic". Here is the original:

As soon as I was at home, I had to go online and see what the other German covers look like. Here´s what I found:

The literal translation of the German title would be "City of Darkness: The Dark Flood".

The US cover looks like this:

The thrid book in the series, Magic Strikes has this cover:

The title means "City of Darkness: Duell of the Shadows".

The US cover in comparision:

And finally, the latest one, Magic Bleeds. It´s not released yet in Germany, but the cover has already been published.

The German title would mean "City of Darkness: Magical Blood" in English.

You probably know the US cover, as I´ve posted it quite a lot lately or maybe it´s already waiting on your own bookshelf, but just to make the series complete:

Even though I´m not a big fan of the translations of the titles, I have to admit I kind of prefer the German covers. Ok, there is something that looks like spaceships in the first one (you can´t see them in the picture I used, but they are there), but the cover model and the color choice for each one are really beautiful. The woman is very similar to how I pictured Kate Daniels, even before I saw the covers.

So what do you think? Germany or USA? Who wins in the little cover war?


Sabrina @ about happy books said...

I also like the German covers but I always imagined Kate to look a bit tougher and stronger. I'm not a fan of the US cover.

I just bought my mom "Stadt der Finsternis" and I hope that she will like it.

Christine said...

sorry that the post is such a mess, I´m still fighting with the layout... It is supposed to look good :(

Go team Germany! :)

Stella (Ex Libris) said...

Hey Christine! I can't believe I haven't been your follower yet, so now I rectified thata nd became your newest follower :-)

I agree with both of you, I much prefer the German model, she looks much more like how I pictured Kate (though I miss the yummy lion ;-p lol)

Anonymous said...
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Christine said...

@ Stella
You right, there´s definetly a lion missing! :)
Thank you so much for following me!

Anonymous said...

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