Saturday, June 19, 2010

Randomness on Saturday

Yesterday, I took part in my very first Blog Hop and I had so much fun! Again, thanks for all your comments on my page!

Also, I received the very first books I ever won in a contest online, "Spider´s Bite"
and "Magic Bites" (Thank you again Shiloh Walker!), both being the first books in am awesome series. I already own both, so I´m thinking about having my first giveaway next week to share them with you guys.

Unfortunatly, Germay´s performance in the soccer World Cup was quite disapponting yesterday. I´m not a big sports fan, but events like the World Cup are very fun to watch. What about you, do you support your country? Do you own one of the annoying Vuvuzelas? :)

And finally, something I´m exciting about: my sister has finally started to read Urban Fantasy. We had a deal: I choose a book for her and she gets to make a guest post. I have honestly no idea about what she´ll blog (she is actually a doctor, I hope it won´t be too bloody :)), so it´s gonna be a big surprise.

I´ve also planned a review for "Three Days to Dead" by Kelly Meding early this coming week. I´ve just started reading it and so far, it´s very promising!

The last Randomness for today: have you noticed my awesome new buttons for Team Kisten and Team Ethan?
Welcome to Larissa's Life
Welcome to Larissa's Life
If you wanna have them, go visit Larissa´s blog. There, you can find those two and others to grab an post on your page.

So long, have a very nice and relaxing weekend!


Candace said...

It's so fun when someone new starts reading your genre. Especially when it's UF or paranormal because not everyone reads it. It's just fun to share your favorite books! So happy for you!

Christine said...

Well, she dind´t start really voluntarily, but some people just need a little push in the right direction, right?
She keeps on asking though when the next Georgina Kincaid an Chicagoland Vampires books come out.
I take that as a good sign. :)
Thanks for your comment!