Thursday, September 2, 2010

When I´m Not Reading

Not Reading Wide

When I´m Not Reading is a weekly meme hosted by Missie @ The Unread Reader.


After a little break, I´m back with another edition of when I´m not Reading.

Today, I´m planning a day just with my sister. She doesn´t have to work today, so we´re planning one of our Girls´ Night Out. We´re going to the cinema, watch Letters to Juliet or Killers.

Killers new poster


It´s going to be a perfect evening, complete with a funny and/or romantic movie, tons of popcorn, soft drinks and other stuff with life-threatening amounts of sugar or fat.

I´m always having such a great time with her, no matter if we´re on holidays together or simply talking the night away about boy(friend) trouble. Maybe we get along so great because we´re so much alike, both in character, hobbies and, yes, also looks. I don´t know how often I´ve been asked whether we are twins. Here´s a photo of us (it´s not the most recent, but I guess you´ll get the idea):

Me&my sister Imagine when we were still at school. My teachers always called me by her name. Slightly frustrating.

As my grandparents grow older and their eyesight is getting worse, they mix us up as well. Even more frustrating.

Sometimes even total strangers ask us if we´re twins. Sometimes it´s okay, sometimes I´m a little annoyed. My sister is five years older than I am, so does that mean I look older than I actually am? Seriously, which woman likes to hear that?

But despite all that, I dearly love her and I´m glad to have such a strong relationship with her.


Do you have any siblings? Do get along or can´t you stand each other? What are you doing when you´re not reading?




Steph said...

My sister and I are really close too. And although we are 8 years apart we look a lot alike. Maybe not twins but you sure can tell we are sisters. The funny part is we have different dads! Have a great time at the movies. Killers looks great. Really funny!

Savannah said...

Cool, girls night out! I don't have a sister, wish I did though.

Danielle said...

Me and my brother love each other dearly now but when we were kids we fought constantly and hated each other.
When I'm not reading I'm usually doing homework or online.:)

Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

Today is my sisters birthday. We are stepsisters but have been in each other's lives for over 30 years. We are close, we bought a house together since neither of us have settled on a guy. I think those bonds are great to have :)

Missie said...

Awe! Me and my sister are really close, but we look nothing alike. I'm light and she is dark, but people always tell us that they can tell that we are sisters!

We love having girls day out! Sometimes we go to the movies and watch two in a row! Fun!

You and your sister look very much a like. You two are beautiful, and your eyes are intense! Love them!

Thanks for sharing! I hope you have a nice time!

Jamie said...

Sounds like a great time spent with her! My sister and I are only 2 years apart. When we were younger we were so ridiculously close but now we have really drifted apart. We always have each others back though in the end.