Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Contest Round Up and Reading On The Dark Side is taking over the world!

A little while ago I started my 100+ followers giveaway. It was supposed to end August 21st, but back the I was only a few followers away from 175. Under 175 followers, I said I would draw two winners, above 175 three. Well, as I love books and want to share this love with you, I waited a few days longer and so now, I´ll be really drawing three winners, as the contest is now officially CLOSED!


In the next two days, the drawing will take place. I´ll use to select the three winners and will announce them shortly after (Thursday or Friday I guess).

Every winner will be announced here on the blog but will also be contacted via eMail. You have 72 hours to claim your price.

Remember, the first winner can chose each book he likes (even pre-orders) under 20$ from book depository.

So be sure to check back this week! If you´re not among the lucky winners, don´t feel sad but check out my other giveaways here!


As for the taking over the world part… It might be a little bit over the top. One of my best blogging buddies Larissa is heading for New York on September 10th for a few days and I´ll be taking over her blog on two days along with Missie from The Unread Reader, Tanya from Among The Muses, Natalie from Mindful Musings, Terry from Romance in the Backseat and Danny from Bewitched Bookworms.

blog takeover image w blog address

I am so honored and excited, but also a little bit freaked out. Larissa´s blog is really amazing and she such a talented blogger and writer, as are the fellow ladies who will take over the blog. I really don´t want to mess up. That´s why I´m going to start planning my posts like NOW!


Danielle said...

Oh you will do fine don't stress just have fun with it.

I'm so excited your going to be drawing the winners. Good Luck to everybody.

Midnyte Reader said...

You won't mess up Larissa's Life. You're a talented blogger too and very personable. She wouldn't have asked you if she didn't trust you.

Christine said...

Thanks so much for all your support guys! <3
I already have an idea spooking aroung in my head, but I might need the help both of you and Larissa´s readers for that... Would you be up for something interactive?

AngelGoneMad said...

Hi Christine,

Lurell K Hamilton - personally I am enjoying the Anita Blake series so far. There wasn't as much vampire action as I first though but then again Anita's an animator so zombies are par for the course. I did sometimes think 'where are the vampires?' but I suppose I was more focused on wanting to learn more about Jean Claude. I don't know what the rest of the series will be like as I am only into book 5 of the series and there are like 19 books or something in the series so far. Hopefully it gets even better as I will be disappointed if they go downhill.

As for recommending the series - I would say read the first couple of books. They normally give you an insight as to what the series/story is all about. If you don't like it then, then you won't have read 19 odd books for nothing.

Thanks by the way for commenting on my blog. I am now a new follower. Your blog looks awesome! =)

Naomi aka Supernatural Bookworm

Larissa {Larissa's Bookish Life} said...

awwww hon, I KNOW you'll do great! and I cant wait to see what you come up with!!