Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review: Shadowfever


Author: Karen Marie Moning 

Title: Shadowfever ( Fever #5)

Genre : Urban Fantasy

Published: January 18th by Delacorte Press




My Review:

Okay, even now, a few days after finishing this book I still can´t find the right words. I had such high expectations for this book and I was not disappointed.

I can still remember how I raged against KMM after THE cliffhanger. I think you all know what I´m talking about. Waiting for the release felt like an eternity, and I was crazy giddy when I finally had it in my hands.

Thankfully, I wasn´t online, so I was not tempted to read the two chapters that were leaked and the pleasure of reading this book was completly undisturbed. And it was a pleasure. The book is so emotional, especially the very first part of it, ow Mac reacted to the death of the beast and the person behind it. For me, it wasn´t much of a surprise. I had feared it all along. But of course I kept hoping throughout the book that something would happen to undo it.

It´s hard to write a review about this book without any spoilers, so I will keep it short and sweet: This book was awesome. I loved hoe all the secrets were revealed, I marveled at the character developement, not only of the main, but also of the side characters. Like few others, KMM has created characters that are not simply white and black. There are so many shades of grey in this book. What´s more, alll the character have an if not understandable than at least explainable reason for their actions.

I was totally surprised about more than one story twist (most of all by one concerning Dani). And at the end, I felt totally satisfied but still more than a little sad.

I´m really glad to hear that this will not be the end of this wonderful series. And honestly, I don´t mind waiting. Okay, maybe a little. Smile


My Verdict:

5 Stars.  Without hesitation.


Jessica said...

Great review! I wasn't sure if there would be more Fever books. Are there? I know the ending kind of made it seem like that, but I thought that this was the last one.

Natalie (Mindful Musings) said...

I just finished this one last night. I totally agree with you on the first part of the book being pretty emotional. It was well written though!

TheBookAddictedGirl said...

I really want to read this one after your review! It looks incredible.
Brilliant review!