Thursday, February 3, 2011

Review: No Rest for the Wicca

No rest for the WiccaAuthor: Toni LoTempio

Title: No Rest for the Wicca

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Published: October 20th (self-published)






Communing with the dead is an everyday occurrence for PI Morgan Hawkes. A half-Wiccan witch who can commune with spirits of those caught between worlds, Morgan uses her talents to exorcise the trapped ghost or demon as part of the Paranormal Investigation Squad; until a string of murders with a voodoo slant prompts the Special Forces Agency to ask for her assistance. Someones killing pureblood witches- and the SFA is convinced Morgan´s voodoo heritage could be instrumental in solving the mystery. Teamed with dashing SF agent Cole St. John, an Inheritor Vampire that sets her blood racing; the two of them must fight their deep attraction as they race to stop a madman from unleashing a demonic force upon the world.


* Thank you so much Toni for sending me a copy!*

My Review:

Wow! I just discovered another Indie author that has really surprised me in a very positive way! I might even go so far to say that I liked toni LoTempio´s book almost as much as H.P. Malloy´s (my all-time favorite not any longer Indie author) books.

But back to the actual book: No rest for the Wicca starts out by introducing Morgan Hawkes, a PI that communes and exrcises spirits and demons trapped between worlds. Even though she is good at that,she is nt happy with her job.
Morgan has a lot of baggage: soon, we find out that she blames herself for the death of her former partner, back when she still used to work for homicide. In an attempt to save her partner, she combined white Wiccan magic with voodoo. The spell went wrong and her partner ended up dead. Ever since, she has sworn off both her Wiccan and her voodoo heritage. But when fullblood witches turn up dead and her cousin is attacked, she has to find a way to get over her past to save some innocent witches.

Morgan is a very well balanced character: she´s strong (and a little bit boneheaded), but she still has her flaws that only make her human. She´s not crazy powerful but also has to use her brains to solve this case.

Cole St. John, hery fangy (is that a word?) the Special Forces Agent, is a great match for her, both as partner and as love interest. It takes them some time to confess their feeling for each other, but like I said, they are really good together.

Overall, I really enjoyed every aspect of this book: there was romance, but not too many sex scense just for the sake of it. The murder mystery was gripping and kept me guessing until the very end.

I also enjoyed the wordlbuilding and the mythology in No Rest for the Wicca. Wiccan and Voodoo mythology is no something I have read a lot about, so it was very entertaining.

My Verdict:

A highly enjoyable read! I would have never guessed that this was a self-published book, had I not been told! When there´s a new book in this series, I´m definetly going to read it!

4 Stars!


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