Thursday, October 28, 2010

When I´m not Reading

Not Reading WideWhen I´m not Reading is a weekly meme hostes by Missy over at The Unread Reader. It´s a pretty fun way to get to know your fellow bloggers better. We all have a life beside books, right?

Soooo, today I went to my favorite Swedish furniture store. My poor books were stashed in an old dresser drawer, because I simply had not enough space. Now I decided to throw out some old stuff and finally buy a decent bookcase.

Several hours, one plate of Köttbullar and far too many scented candles and tealight later, I finally had my very own BILLY. I stuffed the package into my tiny VW Polo, which was not easy and drove home.

The next problem: how do you transport a 22 pound heavy package to the fifth floor? The elevator was unfortunatly slightly too small. Thank god for female charm. Two unsuspecting victims, also know as fellow male students, had the pleasure to carry my BILLY all the way up the stairway to my apartment. But hey, I promised them drinks on me the next time we go out.

Have you ever tried to put a bookcase together on your own? With ine of those wunderful manuals IKEA provides. Not Funny.

But, one hour later it was done! *squee*

This is how my BILLY looks like:

IMG_3559 IMG_3560 IMG_3557 IMG_3565 IMG_3561 IMG_3556 IMG_3558 IMG_3564 IMG_3563

Can you see the problem??? It is still too small!!! I never realized how many books I actually own when they were hidden in the drawers! I actually believed the bookcase was big enough! My roommates haven´t stopped making fun of me ever since they saw it and decided to refer to my room as “The Library” from now on. Ignorants.

I can aready picture myself: “Hi, my name is Christine and I am a book-a-holic…”



Shy said...


You know what, your friends might call your room a library. But to book addicts like us, we can actually call it a restaurant, LOL! ;)

Simply beautiful, I've to say. And how I hope that my collection is as many as yours!

Savannah said...

LOL! I know how you feel. My is also stuffed and so small now, I now store my books in tupperwares!

Jessica said...

Right there with you! I've actually had to remove books my shelves that I don't totally love to make room for the ones that I love.

Someday I hope to have a room with big bookshelves so I can store them all. Including a box full of YAs that I read way back in the beginning!

DarkBeauty73 said...

I have alot of books too, I find I end up having to meke two rows on each shelf.

GB said...

Unfortuately, my wall space is not infinite, so I have had to be creative with fitting all of my books on my shelves.

For each of my bookcases, there is always one shelf, usually the permanent one, that has a huge gap. That means I end up with a shelf on which I can stand two rows of books one on top of the other, but getting books out from the bottom row is tricky.

So, armed with a cordless drill and some masking tape (so the drill bit doesn't go through), I created new holes on the inside of the bookcase to hold another shelf. I bought some pre-cut laminated pineboard and extra thingies that hold up the shelves from my local hardware store and viola! Extra book space.

As an aside, you can buy an extendable extra shelf thingy that fixes to the top of the BILLY bookcase. Not that I know anything at all about that, you understand... :P

Missie said...

You got your own Billy! Awesome!!!

Wow! That is a a lot of books. I love that you even have some up on top! LOL

Great post. Believe me, being a book-a-holic is not a bad thing. :D