Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Short Interview with Sophie Jordan

Hi guys!

Today I have once more a special treat for you! Sophie Jordan who was incredibly buys with the release of her YA novel Firelight last month has agreed to answer five questions! So please welcome Sophie!


Final Firelight cover What are the key ingredients of Firelight?

A heavy dose of romance. Sprinkle tension and suspense throughout. Liberally stir in conflict; and, Coat with fresh paranormal elements

Do you have one favorite dragon, dragon myth or lore that made you chose them as part of your book?

The idea that dragons can/could breathe fire shaped the story for me. That's really my favorite part of dragon lore.

Which character of Firelight is your most favorite and why?

Jacinda would have to be my fav. She is the "star". As the protagonist I'm in her head constantly. Plus, she's got some really cool abilities.

What is easier to write for you, Young Adult or Adult Romance? What is the difference between writing those two genres?

I can't say one genre is harder than the other. It all depends on the story. The better I know the story and my characters, the smoother things flow. Every story is different and unique to me, no matter the genre.

If you could chose to be any supernatural creature, which one would it be?

I'm mostly intrigued with humans with supernatural abilities rather than supernatural "creatures". You know ... like empaths and telepaths -- basically any human with a "weird" ability. 


It´s quite the coincidence that Sophie sent over her answers yesterday, as I chose her bookfor my experiment. Remember my post Are you ashamed of what you read? I really wanted to start with something that I thought would draw attention, something like “Pray for Dawn” or “Lover Mine”, but I have to be honest, I chickened out. I went for the safer choice of “Firelight”. I really adore this cover, so I  kind of felt safer with it.

At first, it didn´t really draw that much attention, but later the day when I was sitting in the warm October sun enjoying my luch (sort of). an art student appraoched me an asked to see it as she loved “the color composition, the dramatic contrast between her face and the red hair and the admirable use of golden highlights”. Wow, I guess I´m not the inly one who found it pretty. The girl even scribbled down the title of the book. Didn´t aks what it was about though. I guess she rather tries to find the cover artist. But still… one more person who knows about Firelight! 

Next time, I´m going for something more…. daring! :)


Savannah said...

Great interview! I'm reading Firelight right now and wow, I love it!

Midnyte Reader said...

Very good interview. I find dragon mythology interesting. Especially that they are found in every culture.

I love the experiment. At least you got one response.

Anonymous said...

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♫♥LovLivLife Reviews♥♫ said...

I love Firelight and yes you will have to be more daring but not too daring just yet. Baby steps first.

On my blog I recently started a feature where I giveaway Book Jackets I sew. I have been making and using them for some time but I recently began the feature to kinda give my blog its own thang. Anyhow, the purchase it began was to cover some of my covers esp the ones that was a but out there!! LOL!!