Monday, August 30, 2010

Coming up in September

September is going to be quite a busy month for me as it seems! I´ve decided to have a special challenge for me in September and it runs under the tilte “Urban MANtasy”. While re-organizing my read/tbr list and wishlist, I´ve noticed that I almost exclusively read books by female authors. I don´t why that is but I decided to change that in September. This month I´m only going to read books by male authors. (Thus the Urban MANtasy).

Here´s a little list of the books I´m planning to read (might still be changed):

Shade Fright (Valerie Stevens, #1) by Seam Cummings

Death Most Definite (Death Works) by Trent Jamieson

Strom Front (Dresden Files, #1) by Jim Butcher

A Kiss Before the Apocalypse: A Remy Chandler Novel  by Thomas E. Sniegoski

Skin Deep by Marc Del Franco

Child of Fire by Harry Connolly

Dante´s Journey by J.C. Marino

Mob Rules by Cameron Haley

These books are all first in a series or stand alone books, some new and recently released, some are already quite old. It´s quite a ling list that only gives me three days for one book which is quite a tight schedule. As usually, I´ll also try and post a few interviews with the authors above about their books and mal authors in the Urban Fantasy genre.

This is the first time I´m doing something like this and I´m really curious how this will work out! As Reading Challanges are a bit lonley if you´re doing ot alone. I all invite you to join me. Whether you and to join the challange as a whole, if you want to do a guest review in September about a book written by a male author, if you are a male author who wants to present your book or maybe want do design a little button for the challange *hint, hint*, just let me know! I´m open for everything!

Just contact me under my e-mail adress which you can find under review policy or send me a message via goodreads!





Savannah said...

Sounds great! I think I may join you. I do read some books by male authors. I'll have to make a list....*making list now*

Oh also I will email you :)

Christine said...

I´m so excited to hear from you! Thanks for participating, Savannah!

Danielle said...

I heard Jim Butler is amazing. I hope you like him.

Michelle Greathouse said...

I love Jim Butcher. Simon Green is also great if you get a chance to read him.

But Rob Thurman is a woman. :) I was surprised to find that out - going by the name, I thought it was a man.

Good luck.


Christine said...

Puh, changed it. Thank you so much for the heads up! *blush*
Hopefully, mo one has noticed beside you, Michelle.
I guess judging by the name I jumped to conclusions without checking...