Monday, July 5, 2010

Interview: Carrie Vaughn

So, today, I´m posting my very first interview. That alone is enough to make me super exited. That fact that I get the chance to interview Carrie Vaughn, one of my favourite authors ever makes it even more incredible. Her Kitty Norville series was the first series with a shapeshifting main character I ever read and it started my addiction to everything furry.

Despite being incredibly busy at the moment, Carrie Vaughn agreed to answer a few of my questions regarding her books and works.
*yes, this is my first interview, so go easy on me!*

Please welcome with me the incredible Carrie Vaughn!

One of the books coming in July is "Discord´s Apple", a stand-alone novel. Can you tell something about it? Is it more YA or Fantasy?

C.V.: It's contemporary fantasy about a woman who goes back to her small Colorado hometown and discovers that her family has been guarding a storeroom of magical artifacts for generations. Then things get weird. It's about storytelling, the Trojan War, and the end of the world.

The other one is "Kitty goes to War", the 8th book in the Kitty Norville series. It sounds like Kitty is in for quite a lot of action again?

C.V.: She's called on to help a group of werewolf soldiers returning from Afghanistan, and also gets sued for libel. Adventures abound!

Can you share a just a little teaser?

C.V.: The first chapter is up on my website:

The last book, Kitty´s House of Horrors ended with Cormac being released from prison. So hopefully, he plays a bigger role in the new book? (Just in case you haven´t noticed, I´m a huge Cormac fan!)

C.V.: Yes, he's back. I'm also working on a novella of what happened to him while he was in prison.

In another interview I read that you have something planned for Cormac, are there any news in that regard?

C.V.: The novella should be part of the Kitty short story collection I'm putting together, due out next year, probably.
*ok, I SO want it to be next year already. If she deceided to write books about Cormac, I´d read them. If she deceides to make a movie about him, I´d watch it. Does that make me a crazy Cormac Fangirl?*

Another question that I´m always asking myself is: are your characters based on real people, people you know or are they purely fiction?

C.V.: They're fictional. I don't consciously based my characters on real people. I may take different traits from different people, but never whole cloth.

You write both Urban Fantasy and Young Adult. Do you prefer one of the Genres and if so which one and why?

C.V.: No -- I just write the stories I want to write and decide later where they fit.

Have you ever had a writer´s block? How do you deal with it?

C.V.: Writer's block usually means that the story has taken a wrong turn, so usually I'll go back and try to find where I started have problems, or take a break and re-work the outline until I know what happens next.

Have you always wanted to be an author or was it just something that happened?

C.V.: I pretty much also wanted to be an author. I've been writing since I was quite young.

Is there any question you´ve always wanted to be asked but never have? If so, what would be the answer?

C.V.: Not really -- I get asked a lot of questions!

And finally: What are you reading at the moment/planning to read/waiting for to be released?

C.V.: I'm between novels right now -- Paolo Bacigalupi's Shipbreaker is on the top of the stack, but I'm reading a bunch of short stories from different anthologies right now.

Thank you so much for answering my questions!

If you haven´t had enough of her, visit her hompage here or check out her blog.

If you haven´t read anything written by her (is that possible?), GO OUT AND GET A BOOK!!! :)


Unknown said...

Thanks for the interview Christine. I had missed Discord's Apple being released, but I've added ti to the list based on CV description. It sounds wonderful. Great interview, looking forwrd to more.

Unknown said...

Suxh an awesome interview! Thank hon! I LOVE her Kitty series!!! YAY!! =))


Christine said...

I´m so glad you enjoyed it! I was actually a little nervous about this one! :)

@Larissa: Now I can also start Pray for Dawn! I´m still hoping to see some Mira Danaus one on one action! :)


Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Great interview! :) And I am so glad you had a wonderful time with it. It is such a big thing to get your first interview. Great job!

Anonymous said...

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