Thursday, December 23, 2010

I´m back (again) and thank you!!!

Hello again!

FINALLY, the move is complete. We´ve put our things in about 100 boxes (which took us three days), had them driven to Munich, our new home during one of the worst snow periods since the last 25 years or so (they closed the highway for trucks the next days, so we were incredibly lucky) and carried all 100 boxes to the 4th floor of our new apartment. Here´s the promised picture of a small part of the boxes (the guy you can see in the background is my sister´s boyfriend!).

boxes boxes boxes

Puh. It was one of the rare moments when I really really regretted having so many books. But I´m totally over that now and ready to be given more for Christmas! :) I also found out that being without internet for more than one days is very very hard for me. Sad smile

Anyways, now everything is (almost) done and I´m finally home to celebrate Christmas with my family. Now I can enjoy the snow and not worry about how it can mess up my day. The picture below was taken this very morning. Aren´t the colors gorgeous? There was no photoshop involved in this picture!


I spent the whole day today online to catch up with everything I´ve missed. Tomorrow I´ll probably spend writing reviews and posts and yes, there is also still one lucky person out there waiting to hear that she (most likely) has won a copy of “Last Sacrifice”.

But before I go back to reading today, I have to say a huge thank you. It has come to my attention that my blog has been nominated for “Best New Blog 2010” at the Reader´s Choice Awards over at Mindful Musings.


I am cannot even begin to tell you how amazed and thankful I am by that and how much that means to me. You are definitely the best readers a blogger can wish for!!!


Savannah said...

Congrats on your nomnation! And I'm glad everything went well with the move!

Christine said...

Thank s so much! Yeah well, besides the fact that I lost my nerves at least two times each day, everything went okay... I´m glad though that I´m away at home now though. No more boxes! Yay! :)