Sunday, December 26, 2010

Birthday Present

Sooo… tomorrow is my sister´s birthday and since she has been complaining for ages that her boyfriend never gets her any jewellry, I decided to take matters in my own hands.

I didn´t want to buy her something you can get anywhere in one of those shops and my budget is too small fro the pricey stuff, I searched for the perfect gift. Maybe I shoudn´t have because now I besides books I might also be addicted to the awesome stuff you can find there…

Anyways. She prefers necklaces in a very simply style and her favorite color is blue, so I tried to find something that would fit this description Here´s what caught my eye:

Either this one:


or this one…



or maybe this one?


I coudn´t decide which one to take so I kind of bought all three of them. I´m going to give one to her, keep one to myself (hehe) and the third one I don´t know… But you have to help me decide: which one should I give to her???


Kulsuma said...

Awesome necklaces.

It's definitely a split between the first and second one for me, but *I* would go with the second one because it's just too pretty. Look at that detail! However, if your sister likes simple jewellery, maybe the first one would be better for her.

My vote is number 2!

Let us know what you decide! I'm in suspense here:)

Savannah said...

I like number two. The color shows more. Very pretty!!